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“Slow down a bit – so your soul may catch up with you.” Adagio stands for slow movement in music composition; only by slowing yourself down can you take in the genuine beauty in your surroundings and appreciate the truly important things in life. Here at Adagio, we provide more than just accommodation – we offer a lifestyle of special pace and attitude that allows our guests to take a step back and search within themselves.

In autumn 2015, Adagio created another brand” Adagio; Reindeer”. Adopting the same concept “Slow” as the attitude towards travel and life, Adagio; Reindeer chose the “reindeer” that be a wanderer by instinct and with keen observation itself as the symbol of the brand.



The reindeers─are instinctive travelers.
With rough elegance and tough tenderness.

It is said that the reindeers ran along with the fringes of Arctic Circle and sped to the peak of the earth for migration route; the aardwolves in groups are on this way for attacking them. However, there are something inborn of the reindeers that summoned them to the destined way, even if there are wild beasts in the world, the reindeers are forced to follow their innateness, and to find the ways belongs to themselves.

Reindeers grew in high latitude harsh conditions. To find the migration ways of their ancestors, fighting for survival and surroundings during long way migration have made “Travel” a way of their life.

With the eyes that change colors along with alternate seasons, the reindeers own the best vision to discover any tundra in snow area, “observation” has become a kind of instinct.

Due to migration in north forest wilderness and part pf the reindeers following the whalers to the land in Antarctica hundred years ago, “exploration” has become a kind of talent.

The reindeers which live in harsh conditions, face the unknown and strong shock of the surroundings, thus characterize their tough personality, “vagabond” has become a kind of characteristic.

Travel and life, observation and exploration, even vagabond personality, are instinct of both the reindeers and the travelers. The reindeers show their elegant posture and step forward to leave every unswerving footprint in challenging environments which present their tough characteristic and harmony with nature.

Adagio; Reindeer hopes to bring more outdoor exploration to travelers, and the life experiences by their own. Like the reindeers, people use sharp observation to search for country town and beautiful human scene in mountains and sea sides, to regard travel as a living way of finding harmony with nature.